Work Things Out With Relationship Counselling Cairns

During the course of a relationship some couples may reach a point where it seems that they just do not get each other anymore.

Usually this is a result of poor communication and it can breed very quickly if not addressed properly.

When a couple do not communicate with each other they may start to create unrealistic scenarios in their mind as to what is wrong in the relationship or why their partner is behaving in a particular way.

Sometimes a spouse will feel unloved or misunderstood when their loved one is not being affectionate or not engaging in meaningful conversation.

This can create further angst between the couple, especially if one person asks “what is the matter?” and then get told that nothing is wrong, when obviously something is not right between them.

Getting To Know Each Other With Relationship Counselling Cairns

When your relationship is in trouble and you need to get some clarity and understanding as to what is happening between you both, sitting with an impartial third person who is trained in relationship counselling can be a very beneficial step to take.

A trained relationship counsellor in Cairns will be able to mediate between the two parties without taking sides, making sure at the same time make sure that both parties listen to and understand what is being said to them.

Couples Relationship Counselling In Cairns & North Queensland

When it comes to a long-term relationship, it is easy to assume you know all there is to know about your partner, however people grow, change and evolve.

This is when you need to be aware of what is happening in your relationship and understand who your partner is and what is happening with them in their daily life.

If there are issues in your relationship that are difficult or upsetting to talk to each other about, consider seeing a psychologist for some couples relationship counselling in Cairns.

Cairns psychologist Crispian Jones provides this important service and can be of great value to help you talk things through.

Crispian is a compassionate therapist who has a diverse professional background, prior to moving into the world of counselling and psychology.

Over the years Crispian has continued to acquire and develop an eclectic range of skills, focusing mainly on those therapies which help the client achieve the best outcomes in the shortest possible time.

Crispian works with a range of issues, including Relationship Counselling in Cairns.


Cairns Psychologist Rebates

You can contact Crispian at Seachange Psychology on  07 4041 4147.


Health fund rebates may apply and you don’t need a doctor’s referral to make an appointment.

If you do see your doctor and he writes you a Mental Health Care Plan to see a psychologist, you are entitled to 10 sessions in a calendar year and you will receive a rebate from Medicare of approximately $84.80 as at 2015.


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