Relationship Counselling Cairns Can Help You To Trust Your Partner Again

Often a relationship can become quite toxic if there has been an incident where one partner has lied to the other.

With the word “Lie” often being watered down and called a fib or in some cases someone can lie simply by omitting the truth.

Often when someone is caught out in a lie they tend to justify the lie by saying that they did not want to hurt the partner.

Sometimes the partner that has lied, will turn the situation around and say that they lied to avoid the fuss that would result, therefore inferring that the offended partner is at fault for daring questioning something that seemed odd.

All of this can be very upsetting and confusing to the person who is being lied to, whether a big lie or little fib, people must be able to trust what is said by their partner.


Make Time For Relationship Counselling Cairns


When a relationship gets into trouble over trust issues, there is a very real threat that the relationship will end.

This is when a professional third party can make a lot of difference, not so much as a mediator, but as a trained and qualified practitioner who is able to help each of the couple to actually listen to and hear what is being by their partner.

It is also important that what is being said to someone, is actually understood by the person listening.

Often one person can say something in a way that seems to mean something else entirely, and this is another contentious issue for the partner who is trying to listen and understand.

These conversations are fraught with problems and usually end up with an argument that compounds the original issue.

Your relationship is important and therefore you need to take the time to get some professional counselling which can help you get your lives back on track.

Seachange Psychology With Crispian Jones


Crispian Jones from Seachange Psychology Crispian is a full member of the National Guild of Hypnotherapists (NGH), USA and American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE), he has had many years assisting couples of all persuasions in Cairns and around Australia.

Cris has helped couples to work through relationship issues and reopen the lines of communication and affection.

Some issues that Cris helps couples with include:

Helping couples to build a satisfying relationship
Improving communication
How to manage conflict or disagreement in a relationship
How to address and resolve sexual issues
Clarifying thoughts of separation or divorce
Improving parenting skills

Contact Cris at Seachange Psychology today to see how he can assist you 07 4041 4147.