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Psychologist – Cairns and Queensland

A very warm welcome to online Counselling

In September of 2022, I moved to Japan with my Japanese wife, Akiko, with the intention of setting up home and my Practice, in this wonderful country. Although I will continue to see Australian and English-speaking clients here in Japan, the move brought with it some constraints on my practice which means I’m now working exclusively online,  back into Australia or with English-speaking expats, here.

One of the consequences of this move is that I am no longer eligible to provide Medicare subsidised services such as mental health care plans and the like, because Medicare will not give me a provider number, as I am no longer resident in Australia. Therefore you will be unable to claim back on a mental health care plan.

What that means for you, is that any expenses you incur in working with me will be what is commonly called an “out of pocket expense” as there will be no rebates back from Medicare. In order to offer some relief to that situation across the baord, I have dropped my fees significantly from $180 down to $120, for one-on-one counselling and down from $195 to $140 for couples. Hopefully this makes it easier for you to access the same high-quality service I offer.

If you haven’t had the chance yet, please do refer to my Google reviews under “Seachange Psychology”. They might give you some confidence in spending the money on yourself with me, albeit in the online space.

Also check out the tabs/video where I talk about “online counselling”. I know historically, there were some reservations in relation to this way of working, but I have been doing it for years, way before Covid, and my own experience and significant research elsewhere, points to the fact that the results, when compared to face-to-face counselling, are just as effective, if not more so in some contexts. Please do read that information on the website to inform your opinion and decision. People often report that once the session starts, they forget they are on camera and report saying it is just like having a “face-to-face” in my old office anyway.

Should you choose to make an appointment please be aware that Japan is an hour behind Brisbane time (Cairn’s time).

As a Psychologist, with 40 years in this field I offer counselling and hypnosis services to help you to manage and preferably overcome, the challenges in your life, that prompted you to reach out to me at Seachange.

By employing a wide range of therapeutic methods, each of which can be applied separately or combined in various ways, I believe I offer an extremely effective pathway, to give you the best possible access to the psychological resources you need, in order to make the changes in your life that you want to make. Again you might like to check the reviews. Having said that I cannot offer guaranetee re the outcomes yu might achive as the responses to teratment do vary. The only guarantte I can give you is that you get 100% commitment from me.

I work with individuals and families across a range of issues including but not liomited to, personal well-being, interpersonal relationships, work,  phobias, anxiety, depression, recreation and health.

As  mentioned above the recent move has brought on the Telehealth platform of counselling, full time,  just as it was during some periods when Covid was going through yet another wave. There are a number of clients who still want to keep working with me and even though we are online, as the quality of the service I offer remains just the same.

For more information or to make an online appointment, please contact me Crispian Jones via email or via WhatsApp on +81 8051206364.

I look forward to working with you.

How can we help you?

Crispian Jones (Psychologist at Seachange) is able to assist individuals, couples and families work through a wide range of personal issues, crises and psychological challenges including:

  • Individuals
  • For couples
  • For families
  • Managing stress and conflict at home and work
  • Dealing with grief, loss and trauma
  • Overcoming feelings of anxiety and fear
  • Increasing self-esteem and confidence
  • Enhancing personal relationships
  • Dealing with problems related to alcohol and drug use
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  • Build a satisfying relationship
  • Improve communication
  • Manage conflict or disagreement
  • Address and resolve sexual issues
  • Clarify thoughts of separation or divorce
  • Improve parenting skills
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  • Improve difficult relationships
  • Handle a problematic situation
  • Show you how to work together on an issue or problem
  • Cope with separation, divorce or re-marriage
  • Deal with problems experienced in blended families
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Online Counselling

Online Counselling At Seachange Counselling (Formerly Seachange Psychology), online counselling (sometimes called telehealth counselling) enables you to access a qualified and experienced counsellor (me, Crispian Jones) using a program called “Meetn". Log in for your telehealth session here Meetn Link