Trauma Counselling and Management Cairns

Trauma Counselling and Management CairnsMajor trauma is the term used to describe serious or complex injuries caused by an external force such as car accidents, falls from high places, industrial and farming accidents or assaults. Major trauma is the leading cause of death in some Australian states in people aged between one and 44 years of age. On average across the states, for every death, there are 31 admissions and 144 hospital emergency department visits.

How trauma can impact on you

The emotional impact of trauma is far reaching. It impacts on the individual who experienced the trauma, their families and their community. While it is a normal reaction to an extreme event, in some cases, its impact can be so severe that it interferes with the ability for people to move forward and live a normal life. People suffering from trauma may appear shaken and disorientated, be withdrawn or anxious, have poor concentration and mood swings or be suffering from night terrors and irritability. These are just some of the signs.

Trauma counselling and management in Cairns and North Queensland

Assistance and support for patients and their families is available from many services. As a first point of call, the hospital’s Social Worker is a good option. Support can also be sourced from psychologists, local doctors and the emergency ward itself. At Seachange Psychology I offer trauma counselling and management services for you and your family in Cairns and now throughout Australia via an online platform.

For information about how I can offer ongoing support following a major traumatic event for you and your family, call 07 4041 4147.

Cairns Psychologist Rebates

Cairns Psychologist Rebates Health fund rebates may apply and you don’t need a doctor’s referral to make an appointment. If you do see your doctor and he writes you a Mental Health Care Plan to see a psychologist, you are entitled to 10 sessions in a calendar year and you will receive a rebate from Medicare of approximately $86.15 as at 2020.

Online Counselling

Online Counselling At Seachange Psychology, online counselling (sometimes called telehealth counselling) enables you to access a qualified and experienced psychologist (me, Crispian Jones) using a program called “Coviu" . View our Coviu site